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Nesting Time

Lately, where I live has become the centre of attention for ground nesting birds. Whether it be red grouse, lapwings, curlews or the many breeds of plover, wherever you walk, you will spot them! Lapwings are an easy spot when out and about as they will let you know where they are and where they do not want you to be! They are known for their loud calls, almost dance like flight and protective nature.

As I mentioned previously, when walking where I live, it is hard to not see these beautiful birds but what many do not know is they are on the red list and at real risk of disappearing. With more humans on the ground, more people disturbing nests, dogs, sheep and other livestock to tread on eggs, and many more roads to navigate for a mother and her young chicks, these birds have a low chance of raising up to their normal four healthy chicks to adulthood.

I am currently monitoring up to ten nests to see how the birds get on. I have already noticed how determined these birds are to be on their nests for as long as possible. If they are disturbed they will defend by screeching and swooping whatever has disturbed them, often with the male taking the lead and the female following suit if needed.

I am looking forward to witnessing how successful these birds will be throughout their nesting season.

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