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Photography & Videography

Working together

Great photography can really capture peoples imagination and tell a story. In the current climate, high quality photographs are a must have for any serious company or business. Whether it is showing off a product, venue or destination, you want people to be drawn in!

Alongside photography, videography is an ever growing market. It may be short, snappy clips for social media or a longer, bespoke video to really show off your business/company that you are looking for. I work alongside my clients to initially determine what they want from any video work and then plan out the process. 

Working with my clients we build up an image/video library that they can access whenever they need. Whether it is a one off job or an on-going management role with media, I love working alongside clients to help them realise their full potential and up their game. 





FIELDSPORTS – Fly fishing

fieldsports – shooting