About Me

I was born, bred, educated and continue to live in Weardale in the North East of England. Grouse and a host of upland birds and wildlife live all around me as well as an authentic farming and keepering community. Since a child I spent most of my time on a farm, looking after animals and later photographing them. Whether it was farming, horses, dogs or wildlife it has always been an outdoor existence for me and most often with a camera in hand.

Imagery is an ancient way of communicating and telling stories and it remains as valid or more so today. Whether it be the beauty of a wild animal, the life of a community, a journey or adventure or the relationship between man and nature, my passion is to use imagery to tell such stories. There are stories all around you, you just have to see them. Travel, whether across the dale or to Alaska allows the opportunity to tell a story but equally the desire to tell a story is a fine reason to travel!

In 2021 I was lucky enough to win the Swarovski Optik Fieldsports Photographer of the year. The winning image was one of my conservation images, I was very happy to be able to raise more awareness for these amazing birds.


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